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 The Enemy above and below

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: The Enemy above and below   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:38 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....it was a hot day. A day with no clouds nor wind. A day made for a grunt on the hunt hauling his tush through the bush.

Intel was that the school yard 10 klicks south of Firebase Bluenose was infested with "Clad Cong" who were dug in deep. A recon was needed so this grunt checked his Freedom 3 Plus and added a fresh load of three 9 volt coppertops and headed towards unknown danger! Arriving at the designated coordinates
all hell broke loose immediately as the kamikazee Horseflies dived repeatedly making the day even hotter. Enough was enough and I reached back into my ruck sack and pulled out my chemical agent .....Deep Woods Off which gave me a brief reprieve as I called for support which arrived in the form of a Toad 88!
to soften up the enemy above and the Clad that were in their spider holes a sneaking and a peaking.

The targeting on the Garrett was on all metal and a shaking and a baking finding the Clad Cong with every swing by the solo, pairs and even one hole hiding 4 of the dirty little coppers.

The dive bombers returned in full force and I had to bug out back to base camp where Tim made a mighty find mug of Joe along with the standard K rations of mystery meat smashed and hashed.

Cloud cover moved in and the rest of the mission was a wash till the heat was turned up again and Operation Lake Banook was thrown my way. This operation was to be a cake walk.
A quick trip to the armoury and I traded the Freedom 3 for a Seahunter Mark ll as this operation called for some "wet work.:

Silently and slowly I easied into the water netting bobby pin after bobby pin, bottle cap after bottle cap and a sunken "tin can." The way was clear to pop and drop a few more Clad Cong to add to the 61 from the previous mission. Scooped up an unexploded yellow golf egg mine and gingerly defused the little sucker. My pulse was quickening as I could feel the Clad breathing down my neck or was it worse; as I thrashed and gashed this sucker. It was him or me.

I had the advantage as I eyeballed him before he smelt me.
The way was now clear and I hammered the Clad Cong where they were showing no mercy.

Total K.I.A. and M.IA. on this day was a golf egg mine, earing, 3 keys and 98 Clad Cong @ $11.98


Digging is hell!
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: The Enemy above and below   Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:57 pm

Nice hunt'n! Nice pictures too. Thanks for posting!
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The Enemy above and below
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