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 Gold, silver, toasty tokens and Tokyo Tower

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Gold, silver, toasty tokens and Tokyo Tower   Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:57 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the weather seems to be up and down put the ground has been soft.

Day 1 Friday

Urbania! The very name conjures up some far away place that is not on anyone's vacation list but this is not so as it is home to Stanley who owns a campground and gave us permission to do the due on a most rainy day outside while a super size me pot of lobsters was cooking in his abode! Don't know where the most water was at seeing this..........outside or inside my mouth which was watering most profusely followed by the ever present Niagara Nose flowing while digging in the almost freezing rain.
W.O.W....yupper Wide Open Wilderness and that it is with a smattering of campers standing in lines awaiting next season. Navy Davy and I did the due here finding a few coins but not much else with ND getting quota and I 48 @ $2.89 (which by the way is my old badge number) and the cow! Well if a white cow gives white milk and a brown cow gives chocolate imagine this three legged one gives banana flavour.
From there it was off to a regular park and some penny popping. ND hit a real neat medallion here commerating someones vist to Nippon.

Finished the day off here which was rather peaceful.

Watched a few deer frolic in a field.

A mere hour after I arrived home French Dave showed up for the weekend as he was on a IPSC course (International Practical Shooting Confederation). Of course we gabbed half the night and before we knew it it was deep into the night. Sad to say that "Max the Bilingual Wonder Dog" didn't accompany his master on this trip which meant that there would be no tail wagging at the Tim's drive through.

Day 2 Saturday

Got French Dave breakfast and he got out the door just in time to be 10 minutes late for his course as he related to me that evening. Navy Davy arrived on time as always and I folded him up and stuck him in the passenger seat of Otto.

Had mentioned to the bouy the night before that we were going to do some hard core digging the next day and to bring a shovel. Lord love a duck it's been over a year and mine is still in the trunk of Scotmiester's car so ND brought a spare and we headed to the Uniacke Big tree which netted me two most toasty token and ND.....um! Thought of lending him this that I had found to change his luck. On to the next spot which I had written an article for in Eastern and Western Treasure a time back managed 2 pennies from the 40's and ND.........um! So on to the next spot

but before we arrived there I suggested a ballfield that I had played and umped at................think today it had a slight rain delay!
[ IMG]http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif[/IMG]
So we hit the playing field at the school after Navy Davy got out and stretched his vertically over endowed body. This stop was a coin popping heaven with ND again getting quota and shown here in action. Could it be he's a closet "Bleacher Creature? Was very kind to me giving up 111 coins @$17.67

That evening it was Chineese Food , the movie "Transformers" and hour of slinging the bull and off to Lala land.

Day 3 Sunday

A great breakfast of ham and a Hunny Bunny omelette and French Dave was just about out the door when Happy Harold called and wanted to talk to French Dave who I'm sure was only 10 minutes late again for his course. Well if you know Happy Harold he is the type of fellow that if tree limbs were being blown around by the wind he would stop and wave back at it. Sure was great to hear from him and that both he and the daughter got a Bambi this season.
Navy Davy arrived as always on time and was smiling. Guess it must have had something to do with us taking his vehicle this trip so he wouldn't have to play "Bend me , shape me any way you want me!" Down the highway we did go to another school playing field that I had done track, soccer and occasionaly attended classes at during my formative years. Wasn't long before the big grin came across ND's face as he pulled out a nice silver worry ring followed by a nose ring. Of course he was thinking about putting that one in when he got home and had to face the dreaded honey dew list. Navy Davy did quota bigtime today.

After that find we broke for a break and headed to...............................IMG]http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif[/IMG]
which across the street.....if you look very closely has a store named after me............not in this bouy's lifetime...lol!

Warmed up again we tackled the field once again with coins coming at a good pace then bingo...... as I popped this number out. Made my day.

I managed a key the gold ring and 133 coins@ $9.06

It's great to see and hear from old friends as well as seeing a newbie come into his own. Highlights from the weekend was seeing the smile on French Daves face as he was free for a few days from his house husband duties to presue his love of shooting, Marie smiling as her mother has taken more steps towards recovery from her operation and in anticipation of her 10 days of Christmas (starting on the 15th Dec. she gets a present each morning with a riddle on it and spends the day trying to figure out the gift and then opens it after suppper.. a tradition I started when we first got together) and Navy Davy's wide grin at popping a nice silver ring!
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PostSubject: Re: Gold, silver, toasty tokens and Tokyo Tower   Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:09 pm

great finds!

Tesoro Silver uMax, Tinytec Ultra Deluxe pinpointer, Lesche Model 85 from Predator Tools
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Gold, silver, toasty tokens and Tokyo Tower
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