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 "Ticked' off

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "Ticked' off   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:37 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....today was a complete reversal of yesterdays weather as the sun was beaming down on this pair of treasure hunters causing them to sweat bullets as we noddled around the "Big Tree" in search of some oldies. Navy Davy managed an ornate key , his first musket ball and a modern copper and I a penny. This is a location that has given up some Spanish silver and is soon to be lost as construction of new homes has started. From there we decided to try another spot that has given up some oldies. Little did I know at that time what else it had given up.

The trip to the next location was hampered by a porcupine waddling down the middle of the road.ND tried the horn and reving the engine but the animal would not give the right of way. It is no doubt in this bouy's mind that he would become road kill and end up on a crows menu. Finally the traffic was such that we passed and hit the field which was ardous task in that the hay was already fairly high and made swinging the Garretts a slow process. Navy Davy netted a few coppers and I a couple of Yank wheaties from the forties.

Tired of this we reset our goals to quota (50 coins) which was easily and quickly accomplished at a playing field.

Navy Davy and I decided that was enough and he dropped me home and from a later conversation stopped on the way home and rounded his day off netting a musket ball, the key and 57 coins @ $5.93.

Marie was not at home being a "Valley Girl' and doing the dew with her family and sisters so I changed venue and went aquatic at a nearby lake rescuing a few more coins and 5 golf eggs.

Arriving home I found that Marie had had a good day bringing back some goodies from the Masstown Market. My take for the day was 5 golf eggs,a brass harness ring, lighter, medic alert dewy and 81 coins @$13.54

I then made my way to the shower and as I stripped I looked down and was in horror as an ugly, horrid little thing was there............a tic which had started to embed itself in the right side of my ample belly. The horror. I ran to the kitchen calling Marie and grabbed a knife and with the precision of a surgeon removed the little blood sucking bugger! Rather then a slow painful death from alcohol poisoning from sucking my blood Marie grabbed a tissue and deep sixed it in the porcelin bowl. After two "short arm" inspections she stated, "No bug on this lug you ugly mug and stay out of the woods!" Women.......shezzzzzzzzz!
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"Ticked' off
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