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 Log Cabins and Old Farmhouses

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PostSubject: Log Cabins and Old Farmhouses   Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:09 am

I recently heard from another disappointed treasure hunter who finally got a chance to search an old country homesite that you'd think would be teeming with choice finds.

But aside from a couple of zinc pennies and a clad dime, he was pretty much skunked.

Sadly, this is the rule rather than the exception for old homesteads.

Why? My latest podcast (internet radio show you can listen to anytime) covers some of the basic reasons old coins are hard to come by at rural homesites.

But we all like happy endings, so this show ends with a tip about hunting one particular area of the old homestead where you might actually find several coins bunched together.

Go here and click on the pink button, and this short program (under four minutes) will play on your computer's speakers:


---Dan Hughes, http://treasuremanual.com
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Log Cabins and Old Farmhouses
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