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 "Flying Bra Island" still producing

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "Flying Bra Island" still producing   Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:29 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....bad weather was rearing it's ugly head but that didn't scare off the two amigos who headed down the south shore to the "island." We were in store for a mixed bag of what Mother Nature could throw at us including high winds, some sun, rain and freezing rain. A good sign appeared in the east! Was it to be?

The ski did get darker but the rainbow reappeared as to guide us on the quest for oldies and quota!

Another omen was present. One that was ominous in nature and had endured since our last visit. The pirate "The Flying Bra" had left his tell tale mark. Must say the bouy is one sick puppy!

At the price of those things someone has loot to spare....not that I buy them mind you but have been present when the better half has......sort of partial to the black and blue ones I might add! But that is Victoria's Secret me bouy!

Undaunted but haunted we continued on the dig with Navy Davy suffering from Niagara nose big time!

Navy Davy began to feel really under the weather so we headed back to the vehicle as we were once again pelted with freezing rain. Like happens so often (sure you can relate to good finds at the end of a dig when heading back to your car) we hit a sweet spot and both of us pulled out an old toasty copper or two along with a button with the lone hook on the back.

Navy Davy's take for the day!

After he dropped me off to go home and nurse himself back to health I picked up Otto and headed to a local park to round off my day as there was no rush to get home as Marie , her sisters and friends were getting together for an early warm up party to the Xmas season. Enough hens there to fill a few pillows for this bouy who finally found one today with feathers at Wally World....sweet dreams tonight!

Take for the outing (post delayed due to hunny bunny shopping day...man the pain was intense for this bouy who likes shopping about as much as walking barefoot on broken glass) was an old button, 2 derelict dinkies,2 kids rings,1911 large cent, two toasties and 60 coins(including the above listed) @ $7.68
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"Flying Bra Island" still producing
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