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 Bluenoser's fav detecting photos from 2009

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Bluenoser's fav detecting photos from 2009   Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:54 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....once again another year has passed filled with great hunts with good buds. We often take for granted the beautiful outdoors which affords us good fresh air, ground to ply our hobby and surroundings unsurpassed.

As is my tradition here is my 13 fav photos taken while detecting this year.

Close to home this small park is a great place to relax whether you want to dig, swish or just enjoy the solitude!

"Flying Bra Island" is the nickname that Navy Davy and I gave this island that doubles as provincial park. Many an hour spent wandering through the various fileds, camp sites and picnic areas that look out upon the majestic St. Margret's Bay!

The "Dingle" or Sir Stanford Fleming Park as it is officially known is a place that still produces the odd silver and with it's many trails facilitates those long walks in the woods. Have been hunting this park for over 30 years.

"The Wizard of Oz" I'm sure is a classic that we all have seen a few times if not a dozen. Was on a drive to a park in Wellington with Marie to do a little digging when she spotted this Hallowe'en display. And yes we...."followed the yellow brick road."

A mere 40 minutes from home this provincial park is on a lonely side road that also is home to a scout camp, private dwellings, picnic area along with various water activites. Next two photos were from this park!

This photo is a tad confusing but you are looking down a cliff that ends in a pristine lake. This camping area is heavily used and is always great for penny popping or just getting away from it all!

Navy Davy gone native on us. Taken after he found a few goodies and was sweating bullets. Great to have an ethusiastic bud to hunt with!

The end of a day doing the dew at the beach in the Dominican Republic. Had a great time digging and being submerged into the flow with the locals!

Some much beach and so little time. Can't wait to get back there this year and do the dew! Taken at the far end of Peurto Plata Beach towards the Orange Market.

My first exsposure to a "paid hunt" and to a rape field in the UK with John from Lincoln was an experience to say the least!

A chartacter "four shore me bouy?" Craig C in the UK who I met on the internet and took me to his spots where I crossed a hammered coin off my list. 20 cent piece and a gold coin that is all that is left for this bouy to find for the full monty!

"Want another pint?" Jim from Lincoln took me out for a great evening after a day of digging. Was about the only thing the bouy said that I could understand. Blokes gotz to lurn da Englash langues youz. Tant it da trut me son!" Brown beer or ale or was it something alien in his glass that he was drinking at the pub?
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Bluenoser's fav detecting photos from 2009
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