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 City Directory Secrets

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PostSubject: City Directory Secrets   Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:51 am

City Directories are a treasure trove of information about your town as it used to be.

By going through old city directories in chronological order, you can learn when particular houses were built, and all the people who owned or lived in them over the years

You can also learn the occupations of the tenants, whether the houses were ever used as businesses, and a lot of other fascinating facts that can help you judge whether or not a particular property might be worth detecting.

I did a study of my own home from old city directories, and in my latest Treasure Corner show I show you how to trace the history of your own home, or any house you think might be worth detecting.

Listen to this short (4 1/2 minutes) program at:

Click the pink button and the show will play on your computer.

---Dan Hughes, http://treasuremanual.com
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City Directory Secrets
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