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 What in the halibut is a compass monument?

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: What in the halibut is a compass monument?   Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:30 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well Friday morning and I was sore after a thumping the day before on the ice. Called Navy Davy late in the morning....8am but the bouy had already left port.

Rather then subject my old body to another hockey game I decided to go swinging till nap time before the start of a night shift.

Hit the same spot Navy Davy and I had last dug and began the march of the penny parade with my first 20 some odd finds being pennies.............well they do add up!

Was swinging away at the crest of the knoll when this bouy, at least at first glance I thought it was a bouy approached me with a big grin on it's face and asked if I could do him a favor. Okay I thought what will it be money, directs to a beauty parlor or drugs? His ears were pierced big enough for an NBA player to slam dunk a basketball through with enough piercings on his face that my old Garrett was starting to chirp.

Man was my first impression on the wrong side of the port as he turned out to be a student at SMU (Saint Mary's University) and was taking map drawing and related courses. In perfect polite English he asked that I find a compass monument for him. I retorted that I would me bouy if fen Ize knew what in the halibut it was.

So for the next few minutes he explained that a compass monument was a fixed and registered "spike" that was used in surveying and other related fields of endeavor and the one in this area had been buried.

Two minutes later I had found my first compass monument!

He politely thanked me took a digital photo and headed back to SMU as I politely returned to my blissful swinging and thinking what an arse I was for pre judging a person.

Quota was obtained with 51 coins at $2.39, a key and a dewy.

Was thinking too that I needed a brush up on my education as I short changed my last dig's toal by $2.00. Lord love a duck the body and the mind both going on this bouy!
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What in the halibut is a compass monument?
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