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 Centuries while the Pumpkin Heads Escort the Queen

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Centuries while the Pumpkin Heads Escort the Queen   Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:53 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....at first it was a random drop hitting the window pane. The sky got blacker and the pounding of the rain against the window more intense till that is all one could hear.

"Yo Slickpick it's sort of raining here. What about down your way?"
"It's the same but I don't mind if you don't"

With that which was spoken that should not be spoken again the Bluenoser mounted his horseless carriage and did make, with little haste his way toward the land of Coinicopia. Otto required a drink so a stop was indeed necessary. A deep drink that emptied the Bluenoser's purse with great haste.

The view to the wayward traveler was stunning! A rest was in order.

But alas the journey had to be continued as Sir Slickpick Rick was awaiting at his most humble abode. To the house of learning and jousting we did go. A multitude of disks of payment were unearthed while the dance of the doggie dew was performed with no leg leeches in sight! Praise be to Saint Digalot for that small miracle.

The two swingers , one of the White orb of Garrett and one of the Black House of Tecnics did move to another venue. A venue where the heavens once again cleansed the seekers of fortune.

The House of Tim Horton's was paid it's tribute. And it came to pass that the seekers of fortune had to stop and let Queen Pumpkin Pie pass.

If not for the armed guard of the sovereign the swinger of the White Orb of Garrett would have rushed up and kissed her highness in the hope that the curse would be removed and that once again she would be beautiful.

Nay not so as the swinger of the White Orb of Garrett would be smitten like a kitten and exiled to the dog house from where there was no return if found out by his lady. The band did pass by and played a merry old tune.

The seekers of fortune did get tired from all thy knee bends and called it a day so that they could dig another. Slickpick Rick did recover a key to a fair maiden's heart, the Ring of Rugratious and 111 disks of payment totaling $15.72

whilst the Bluenoser recovered a key to a hope chest, an earing no doubt from a harpie, 2 kids rings, a badge of great honor and responsibility,a token that was toasty, a heart from Queen Pumpkin Pie , bangle and 145 disks of payment @ $17.13
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Centuries while the Pumpkin Heads Escort the Queen
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