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 Young boy and the old man

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Young boy and the old man   Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:06 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the old man arose at the crack of dawn as the young boy lingered in bed. The old man gingerly lowered both feet to the floor, raised his arms over his head and yawned hearing the aged bones crack as the boy continued his deep sleep.

The old man takes his pills that ensured his health...for another day as the young boy stirred, jumped up, knowing that today was a good day to dig!

A stop at Tim's for the morning jolt. Chocolate milk. The 45 minute drive took the old man past times of forgotten glory as his home town whizzed by. The Hubbards Kingfishers the terror of the ball field in the 60's. The old man sighed as now a throw from the pitchers mound to first was a supreme effort. The little kid's heart was beating so fast that it almost went through his ribs...........pirate treasure!

The detectortist of over three decades noticed every tree and the collage of yellow, red and orange leaves upon it, the waves with their crystal peaks slapping the shore and the sound of the tires on the freshly paved road as the child fidgeted in anticipation of the forthcoming treasures.

The elder man's thought turned to the $300 that he had spent on a whim. A set of bubble gum cards that depicted the American Civil War. A foreign war. Cards that he as a youth had by the hundreds. "Wow those are neat. Wish I would have been there" thought the little boy as the old man shut his eyes and just imagined the horror of war. A baby boomer who had , thanks to God not know the cruelty of what man could do to man.

At last the island was in sight and the young lad zips out of the car grabbing the detector and heads off to the nearest grassy area and begins to swing ever so fast waiting for those targets that are near to the surface and delights in that magical bell tone emitted from the Garrett. Ever so quickly the youth kneels down and plunges the knife into the ground cutting a plug as he had been taught and extricating the penny in an instant. In another instant delighted putting the penny in his pocket his wonderful find and scoots on swinging the machine to yet another lost treasure.

Uncoiling himself from his car the man of years looks around taking in the smell of the salt air, the sou'wester and thinking that life doesn't get any better. At least till he is home in the company of his lady that makes coming home the reason for the day. Slowly and with loving care the ancient Garrett is fired up and gives the resounding three beeps that means it is open for business. Swinging slowly in a pattern that has been learned over the vast years the detectorist is in a state of bliss. Will tomorrow be the last day? Please God not too many targets as my knees are aching. Rain will come. His joints remind him that this is so. The youth scoots around like a tuna after a school of fall mackerel.

Three hours later quota has been achieved but the little lad wants to go on. The little boy is subdued as a trip back to the car for a much needed drink of water is heralded. The glow in the eyes! Go on. The body although willing cannot comply. Night shift and 4 hours sleep have taken their toll on the man of years. The boy cries out wanting to continue........to no avail.

The trip home is a reflection.....of the past what had been, could have been and at present is. The old man sighs! How many more years can he do it.

Once home the young bouy counts his take. Each coin coming under scrutiny . "Wow I can buy a bottle of pop. I can go to the Hub for the movies. I can buy some....bubble gum cards!"

The man of later years sits in his chair in front of the computer and waits patiently as the machine whines, moans and begins it's programs. "Must answer the union emails and see what in the hell is going on with the bargaining."

The young lad is done out. Falls asleep and dreams once again of tall ships, battles and the next dig. The old man pops yet another pill to dull the pain and thinks of ...the younger years!

81 coins @$12.55 including a silver dime, key and dewy. The dream continues as the lad saves the day!

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Young boy and the old man
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