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 Out by 9 and in by 1...the horror

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Out by 9 and in by 1...the horror   Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:55 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the sou'wester was blowing the rain so hard that all the witches were grounded. A perfect time for Navy Davy and I to head out to a local park. A safe area...we hoped. As today was "A good day to die" for Bambi and company. The woods would be full of crazed hunters. Glad Marie was not around as she has a tendency to call me "dear!"

The dark sky parted ever so slightly as we arrived and pulled out our detectors. ND was going for bear with his Tecnics and I the trusty old Freedom 3 Plus which seemed to bewitched on this day as every time I put it down it chatted louder then a group of ladies in a bingo hall. Drove me mad I say....mad!

Navy Davy and I were soaked in no time flat and shell shocked to boot. Shots to the left of us! Shots to the right. Bambi and company were taking hell.

Navy Davy pulled out a 925 "O"

Then we both pulled out being allergic to lead like we are.

Hit another park and we rounded out the day with quotas. ND hit 50 on the nose.

I found a half 925 "O", buckle and 56 coins @ $2.12 added to the back to the UK fund.

Once ND dropped me off to head home and get ready for the trip to see the grandchildren I hit the smart shop for some Guinness and the library for a few films in keeping with the season.

had come true. The Bluenosers in

were suffering from a sickness called

and arising

while in the pretense of

The real horror begins later...Ethan Chad is coming over to be baby sat......Lord love a duck is there no peace for a bouy and his Guinness?
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Out by 9 and in by 1...the horror
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