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 Anyone for a game of monopoly

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Anyone for a game of monopoly   Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:59 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....we did pass go and didn't go directly to jail but to Tim's for the usual. Took the boardwalk to a local playing field. It wasn't by chance that a parking place was not hard to find as it was free parking being Sunday.

Navy Davy started on the bank where he had found his two rings on the previous day while I hit the high opposite bank scoring a nice 1905 large cent followed by a bi metallic Mexican coin which was a long ride from home on the Reading Railroad.

Then ND got the boot!

I myself always use the racing car when I play against that money miser "Hunny Bunny" who always uses the cowboy on the horse game piece.

Our dig was interrupted by a "nature" call so we loaded up headed to the nearest place with facilities passing my favorite deli along the way. New York sandwich would have been nice.
Of course the floor in the rest room at the gas station was wet and I almost took a spill. Let me tell you me son it would have cost them more then paying a hospital tax of $150!

With that out of the way we headed down Agricola St. pass St. Charles to another hunting area. man was that place a quagmire and in no time my feet were soaked as Navy Davy being the smarter staying on high ground. Played "follow the gimpy seagull for a while" but after watching the poor albino crow limp around in obvious discomfort I stopped. Let me tell you me bouy that bird would never win $10 in a beauty contest. ND was holding up fine but I felt like a good shot of Tennessee whiskey would take the chill out of me bones.

Had time to hit one more place that was by no stretch of the imagination a Marvin Gardens. Here the coins were very plentiful and knee bends abound. Navy Davy went right and I left. Got a real strange bell tone from the Garret which , after I dug it up had to tip my hat.

What are the odds of finding two game pieces to a Monopoly game in one day? We did the dew for about an hour at this location and left as I had dad and my sisters coming over for supper before going to the hospital (mom doing much better today and eating solids).

Navy Davy's take for the day was 2 keys, soccer ref token,the shoe, dog tag and 93 coins @ $10.52

As for this sorry soul it was a heart, ying and yang dewie, 1905 large cent, Mexican coin, the top hat and 82 coins @ $15.41

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Anyone for a game of monopoly
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