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 Foul weather quota but I was fouler

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Foul weather quota but I was fouler   Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:57 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....seems that the coming winter always precipitates bouts of insomnia and crankiness in this bouy. Got a few hours sleep and got up to 90 kph winds and a heavy down pour. It was foul but I was fouler me bouy. Good thing I didn't shave and look in the mirror or I would be spewing verbal diarrhea at that bouy looking back.

Did the dew domestically managing with great effort , to break a glass! Had to get out!

Pointed Otto downwind towards the park that Navy Davy and I did the other day. Think the park was still there!

Let me tell you me son if any of those trees waved to me I wouldn't be like Happy Harold and wave back..............I'd get a chain saw!

My Garrett was still wrapped tightly from the last dig. First target. With the skill and precision of Joan River's plastic surgeon I eased the lesche tool into the soil and extracted a penny. Um. 539 more pennies converted to Bloke Pounds and I'd have enough to buy me mate Jim K (aka Special K) of the UK a pint of Guinness. Cursed as the tree I was under shed it's water which promptly filtered down my backside coming to rest in a large "crevasse." Lord love a duck. I know that into every ones life a little rain must fall but me bouy this was my life time quota in one day.

Anyway two and a half hours later I called it quits just as hail started bounced off my skull.

Walking into my abode I was greeted by Rutgar who was supporting a festive fedora and giving me that, "What the heck is wrong with you look." Could have ripped out his stuffing's.

I then looked around and noticed that Marie had finished decorating for the season. Then there she was with her angelic smile........................and the day brightened and just didn't seem that bad!
Take for the day was a junk ring, iron and dewie(from a monopoly game found near the last one), fastener, a foreign coin from God knows where and 79 coins @ $6.82 for the "Back to the UK Fund."

Foreign coin.

After supper going to visit mom who starts radiation treatments today. Prayers appreciated.

Yesterdays night sky.far change from today!
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Foul weather quota but I was fouler
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