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 Sacred quota of the First Nations

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Sacred quota of the First Nations   Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:35 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....this post comes with an optional soundtrack for those inclined. Turn your speakers on and open this link in a different window and enjoy.....................

Mother Earth was cold. Her tears had frozen upon her bosom. From the sky a light dusting of crystallized snow fell upon her with the softness of an eagle feather falling.

The two hunters paid homage to Mother Earth speaking the chant handed down from generation to generation;
Hookah honka hookah
No hotel, motel nor Holiday Inn
Snooze you lose
Win you grin.

Navy Davy clothed himself in the traditional cloth of his tribe calling upon his manitou and became the spirit of "Ice Bear with White Beard" of the clan of Ice Flow Jumpers.

The Bluenoser wearing the sign of his tribe then called upon his animal spirit and became "Laughing Weasel who Drinks Guinness."

A cold wind reminded the hunters that it would not be in a time too far away that all time would be spent in their lodges telling stories. Telling of past glory and hunts to be remembered in song.

Plunging his edged weapon deep in the chest of Mother Earth Ice Bear with White Beard eased her burden , a copper disk which could be traded , once more were had, for fire water. Fire water! The maker of dreams that no one can catch.

Laughing Weasel who Drinks Guinness followed in the tracks of his spirit brother Birdman who had long ago gone, to the Happy Hunting Grounds and taught the then young hunter the way of the grid. Laughing Weasel who Drinks Guinness looked skyward for the sign. A sign given that the Birdman did approve. The sun glanced out from behind the dark cloud, smiled and the nwas seen no more.

Pockets became full and bellies became empty. The two hunters. Cold. Fingers frozen at the tips called a pow wow. The grand council decided. Horseless steeds were mounted and Tim's was besieged. A wellness stirred in the two hunters. A sign. More hunting needed to be done to appease the spirits long gone and not forgotten. A new hunting area marked by the white man who gives out trinkets. A false spirit to the hunters. A white man's spirit who comes from the sky pulled by beasts not of this world.

The hunters rejoiced. Sacred quotas had been had.

Ice Bear with White Beard...47 tokens of thanks from Mother Earth.

Laughing Weasel who Drinks Guinness..eye of cat, and 69 @ $4.10 in the white man's land. More towards boarding the iron bird that flies across the great waters.

Once back at the camp a visit was made to the lodge of the medicine man, "Speaks to Trees" who was driving evil spirits from the one that bore Laughing Weasel who Drinks Guinness. His squaw "Yes Deer" gives comfort. Sorrow settles in.
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Sacred quota of the First Nations
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