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 Darn everything I'm going digging!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Darn everything I'm going digging!   Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:54 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....darn the cold! Darn the snow! Darn the darkness and darn just about everything else. I had to get out. Weather has been a real hodge podge of this and that and with all the rain lately I thought what the halibut and gave it a try!

Have never dug as far into a year or so early in a year in all the years that I have been a digaholic. Most of the coins found were just laying on the surface where the snow had once covered them but I didn't mind as it was just nice to be out swinging the old Garrett, getting full of mud and having the ends of my fingers freeze! Not to mention "Niagara Nose" which was flowing at a gud clip youz.

Took a break after a spell and hit Tim's for a cup of mud. Tasted sort of funny.............um................think me "Niagara Nose" might have found it's way into my cup.................just will never know!

Went back to the playing field and returned to my digging at least till the river started flowing again with the fingers once again becoming numb.............um..........like me head. Called it quits.

Took a drive to visit the Olga (maw) but she was coping some zees so dad and I had a long talk on unions with I fishing for suggestions on our upcoming union activity while we are waiting for our employer to get his butt in the negotiation chair!

Take for the day was a girlie pin and 51 (quota) coins @ $6.13 toward the "Back to the Uk Fund in 2012."
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Darn everything I'm going digging!
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