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 "Bear" March

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "Bear" March   Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:55 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....saw a few posts where the bouys here are getting out so I picked up the phone and called Navy Davy..............um no one home so I put together the Old Freedom 3 Plus, put in some batteries and away I went to a few spots in Dartmouth.

A quick stop at Tim's for a java warmed up the gut and as a bonus when I rolled up the rim won a free donut. Was it an omen? Good thing about detecting on a cold and windy day is the availability of parking spots for Otto who somehow got a nail in his passenger side rear rubber. Just don't know about that guy!

Took my good old time as I had a few hours till it was time to pick up the boss, do sum touking and sum cleaning and meet with Crown Royal. Sort of nice to be out again swinging the detector as I passed up playing hockey today which I'm sure my body thanked me for. Had the park to myself and was throughly enjoying the winds whipping through the trees. That is till I was making my way up an embankment and MR. Charlie Horse joined me.....................man what a pain in the &^^%! Had to take it extra easy after that. Morale of the story is ...stretch before you detect like in hockey! Lord love a duck! Then I saw a few of them and shortly thereafter dug up this animal!

And shortly thereafter that I eyeballed a Cinderella hair dewy.

The gig was up and I left the park with 36 coins @ $2.26 added to the 2012 UK fund.

Once home with the boss in tow I noticed that Rutgar had changed his hat. I'ze tink dat I'll leave it to Marie to tell him that he is not accompanying us on our vacation. Something else for him to bark about!
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"Bear" March
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