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 Navy Davy and I do centuries....Slickpick Rick does "Pooh"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Navy Davy and I do centuries....Slickpick Rick does "Pooh"   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:44 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....like two adventurers on a quest Navy Davy and I headed to pick up Slickpick Rick to do the dew. Of course a stop at Tim's was in order with neither of winning on the "RRRRRRRRRollllllllll up the rim to win." What the halibut wez were going a digging.

Slickpick was on the doorstep when we arrived and arrive we did right on the stroke of nine bells.

First stop was a playing field that we had done last year and netted us a slew of coins. Navy Davy hit a little cross and I a plastic change purse that netted 22 coins towards the days total. The wind was really blowing and after a "coinfest" we voted and Slickpick Rick was given the honor of buying a round at Tim's. Love democracy in action youz!

Next stop was another venue that we had also done last year. Darn place had an infestation of pennies! Lord love a duck one couldn't move a coil without hitting a target. Navy Davy hit a nice coin brooch while Slickpick and I dug coin after coin. It was then that Slickpick dug "Pooh." Neat figurine but not sure about it's side kick which was a rather stern looking crab.

Time was running out so we took Slickpick home where he exposed his terrible side! Shocking youz as he rolled up his pant leg showing us how red and raw his knee was from all the coins he had bent down to dig.

Anyway the count for the day was Slickpick Rick 94 coins @ $2.17, the crab and Pooh.

Navy Davy 136 coins, the cross and brooch.

The Bluenoser a kid's ring, a button and 196 coins @ $7.20

A fun day with the buds even if fen it was a cold un!
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Navy Davy and I do centuries....Slickpick Rick does "Pooh"
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