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 Quota twarted by "Hunny Dew" list

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Quota twarted by "Hunny Dew" list   Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:06 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....having gone into work on my first of two days off I was anxious to hook up with Navy Davy and do the dew. Unfortunately he had his honey dew list and then I looked on the fridge and there was a note for me! Lord love a duck and what a list it was me son! My own "Honey Dew" list It would be a halibut of a Herculean feat to accomplish this in one day.

Sort of went something like this;
01. Go to the doctor and get a prescription refilled
02. Then go get the prescription at the drug store
03. Go pay the cable bill
04. Before those make sure the bed is made
05. Do the dishes
06. Go to the bank and get travelers cheques
07. Go to Star Tire and get the nail out of the tire and fixed
08. Go to PetroCan and gas the car
09. Take all those bloody beer bottles back to the recycler
10. Clean the car outside and in
11. And pick me up at 3 at work

Well me bouy I did allz da dings she wrote and more and was tired out big time but managed to squeeze in one hour 15 minutes of bliss swinging the old detector! Pure heaven youz!

Take for the "epic" dig was a fishy looking lure (think the hooks are in some fishes yap...maybe like Moby Dick or da un in "The old man and the sea...Spencer Tracy was great in dat un), A dog tag with "Sparky" on it (imagine that having to have a tag on youz to remember your name.....shocking) and a half quota @ $0.75

Furgut to mention I also made it to the smart shop fur 2 6 packs of Guinness......that was on my list. Two more night shifts then one sleep and zipping out to the Dominican....................no lists there just "Digatopia."
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Quota twarted by "Hunny Dew" list
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