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 "Double O Gold....license to swish

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "Double O Gold....license to swish   Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:54 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....

Double "O" Gold....License to Swish (Tuesday)

The home office at the airport was in chaos as the primary security line had been breached! The Man from "B.E.A.R." (battling everywhere animals roam) was called in as the black bear had been seen inside the fence and caused an active runway to be closed for a rad. A trap was set using a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken as bait. At last report two security personnel had been caught and a pilot was seen on taxiway "Alfa" running with a bucket under his arm.

It was just another typical day at the airport! Once off duty I raced home, changed and was in a local lake before one could blink. Little did I know what was in store as my "License to Swish" had be renewed. One scoop gold another scoop gold and yet another...a junker. One of the rings I'll have to take to "Q" to be deciphered (could use your help on these hallmarks).

When this off duty mission was completed I had bagged 2 gold rings, a junker ring, earing, a Canada pin and 19 coins @ $8.09. Successful action in a hostile environment!

Of course the sunset as viewed from Dad's place was spectacular as was the company as my brother Darren and family where visiting from Ontario and other points.

Our Man Navy Davy in Guatemala (Wednesday)

It seemed like ages since ND and I had been out doing the dew so the dew we did dew. My visiting relatives were on a South Shore trip and Marie was at work so time was not an issue. What was an issue me bouy was the heat as ND and I found out after a half hour at a local playing field. Worse than the heat was the Kamikaze horseflies which seemed to delight in hitting you from all sides at once. ND dug up a rare first ...A Guatemalan coin and added 27 others to the abbreviated dig from which we were forced to retreat.

As for this veteran of the "Sky Wars" a key , fun zone token and a quota of 59 coins @ $10.29 was added to the Back to the UK fund.

Trunk Full of Garrett (Thursday)
They would not take no for an answer so I gave in! Loaded Ottos' trunk with Garretts and headed to Dad to pick up niece Carly (home from Korea), nephew Josh (home from university) and his girl friend Liz for a day of "detecting" 101.

Was a fun day with the Garretts merrily chirping and the students finding coins. Carly dug a nice Penguin dewy using a Freedom 3 Plus . I would locate a target and they would pinpoint and dig it up. Was another learning day curve also for this bouy with the AT Pro.

Dad out did himself later that night as we had a massive BBQ and even my daughter Kayla showed up.

Hooked on Gold (Friday)

Picked up Marie and away we went. I with the Garretts and her with another Danielle Steel.

hitting one swishing spot....then another!

At the second lake hit a nice fishing lure just laying on the bottom......imagine having that stuck in a foot and another reason why it is always good to wear crocks when in the water. Shortly after that find I hooked onto a sweet little gold ring!

Fun day with the Hunny Bunny.

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"Double O Gold....license to swish
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