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 Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata

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leslie(nova scotia)
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leslie(nova scotia)

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Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata Empty
PostSubject: Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata   Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 3:20 pm

From the land of the Bluenose...."weapons of mass detection" were packed. Dominican Republic awaited us on a much needed vacation.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4110035
Knowing people in low places I secured us first class seats at economy prices!

Flight was great and before we knew it.....we were there with a scantly clad woman spouting out water in the front lobby!
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4120036

Having stayed at the same resort last year we knew what to expect as far as food, booze and room quality so no complaints there as you get what you pay for.

Within a flash we were unpacked and getting reacquainted with Maria at the beach side bar. She quickly turned me into a "zombie" while Marie opted for "sex on the beach" which was a concoction of God knows what.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4230088
Heading back to the room to grab the detector I eyeballed my first finds! Some how I don't think they would fit in my carry on!
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4230089
Was real easy digging and doing the drunken sailor grid of the beach with the half dozen zombies in me and I soon had a pocket full of pesos (Ken you didn't get them all me son), bottle caps, hair pins and other paraphernalia. Sun was sinking and it was time to meet up with Marie for supper.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4140055
After a meal of mystery stew and fixings we settled in for some live entertainment. Must say them bouys and gals are flexible!
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4230008
Next morning I headed to the buffet to get our favorite table while Marie got a tad more shut eye. Wasn't long before I was dining with a bird. Not a bad looker but the yellow eyes had to go. Every time you went to get a coffee or more food dam thing was in your plate or at the buffet picking at the food. Never did eat cheese the whole time there and this crow joined me at every meal.

Water was too rough to get into so I headed up the beach and low and behold was a Canuck flag pitched in the sand. I was approached by a fellow Canuck and asked if i could find a four pack of hearing aid batteries....well me son that was a first but alas I was unsuccessful. Shortly thereafter I picked up a nice flowered silver ring which Marie later claimed.

Next day we decided to head into Puerto Plata City using local transit.....first vehicle that went by with an opened side door. Let me tell you me son this was bare bones travel with holes in the floor and a whole new meaning to the phrase "packed in like a can of sardines", was trippy to say the least. Picked up a few goodies and saw the main square and did the dew back home.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4150065
Most days going into the ocean for a swish was like going through the wash and tumble cycle in a washing machine. Ran into two locals with water machines with one being a Fisher 1280 and the like a machine engulfed in a sheep's stomach....bright yellow coil and both bouys had no sieve so I asked them how they recovered their targets to which they responded by fanning the ocean floor with their hands and using a mask. Saw lust in their eyes as they looked at my sieve! It was on this day that I found the most ungodly looking ring in my life. Man I thought the thing was going to jump out of my sieve and attack me. (see photos below of junk rings) It was an omen as I pocketed it I made the rookie mistake of turning my back on the ocean and was promptly dumped ass over kettle by a wave . Did a serious number on my shoulder and arm which hampered my detecting the rest of the trip.

This really turned my crank and next morning at breakfast I took it out on my crow. Using a drinking straw as a blowgun and pieces of lime rind as ammo I let loose salvo after salvo on the unsuspecting bird till Marie gave Generalissimo Garrett the command to quiet the cannon!

That day I hit my best find of the trip in the form of a 14k band. Did the happy dance and winced in pain at my stupidity as Marie gave me that...that look...from the beach. Told her I would take her out to supper and that I did. The restaurant on the beach!
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4140057
A trip to Sousa Beach was the order of the next day and again we traveled Transit Dominica.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4190075
A few pesos and a junk chain were found while Marie bartered with the local shop keepers speaking of which I managed a quick visit to my fav shop!
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4180073
For some reason the trip back cost half the fare of the trip there. Once back at the resort Marie and I dumped our goods and strolled the beach catching a most beautiful sunset.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4120042
Wave and kiddie pool was the order of the next day as I nursed my wounded wing with some local kerosene.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4150063
Lord love a duck! Woke up to a noise that sounded like a herd of cattle but turned out to be the "Dominican Invasion" during the holiday season when the resorts open up to the locals. Must say the staff is very well mannered and polite but the locals were as rude and ill mannered as a pack of hyenas on the corpse of a wilder beast! Beach was packed.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4230087
We survived with the last day of our stay being very peaceful.

Finds for the trip included 5 silver rings, two 14k rings, 98 Dominican coins @ 625 pesos,5 Euro coins, 1 Cuban, 9 USA, 11 Canadian and 11 toasty or unknown coins.
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4260017
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4250015
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4250012
Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata P4250011

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Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata
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