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 Lost but quotas rounded up

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Lost but quotas rounded up   Mon May 24, 2010 6:37 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....Navy Davy suggested a spot where one could both dig and swish so off we went. No stop at Tim's! ND had done the dew before he picked me up. Both of us were packing multiple machines as ND was armed with the Garrett Freedom 3 Plus and a Tesoro as I went with the GF3P and the Fisher 1280x. We were ready for any vermin that crossed our path.

We saddled up in The Thunderbolt Grease Slapper as the sun in the form of a fiery red ball rose from the horizon. It was a bright day. It was a hot day and these two "bounty hunters" were sore with fingers that were just an itching for the trigger on the Garretts.

Stopped along the way and picked up a few golf eggs and laughed at the tender foots on the golf range with their pitiful irons......we were swinging what real men were swinging! Found 8 golf eggs that we can boil or fry along the trail.

Stopped at a water hole and did the dew letting the Grease Slapper cool down

then mossied down the cattle trail to another spot to hunt.

Here the place was deserted till horseless carriages pulled in bringing a horde of sod busters and carpet beggars. Navy Davy and I kept a sharp eye least we be caught off guard and hog tied!

Got too crowded for these bouys so we headed out the trail.....which ended....we got lost......surronded by...woldlife....finally found our way and did the dew some more at the next coach stop!

Sun was still high and this bouy wanted a snort so Navy Davy pulled into the purveyors of find spirits and this dusty traveler gulped down a Fax!

Day was winding down and we were saddle sore and hungry so we galloped home with our take from the day.

My bounty for the day was totaled at $11.47

Must admit it's great to have Navy Davy on the trail as he can almost out do Brad at Garrett when it comes to repairing the Garretts. In the past few months on my fav F3P he has fixed
1. the on and off switch
2. the wire leading from the coil into the housing
3. the arm rest
4. a broken wire from the pinpoint trigger to the electronics!

Thanks Dave. Of course keeping this F3P operational means that he can swing my next fav F3P!

Of course once back at the ranch the "Boss" was not up for some smouching till this cow hand was dusted off and shaved. Just another long hard day on the range!
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Lost but quotas rounded up
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