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 Secrets of Hunting Older Yards

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PostSubject: Secrets of Hunting Older Yards   Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:22 am

You've found a promising older home and you have permission to search the yard - how exactly should you do that?

Where are the hotspots likely to be? Where will you find the most coins, or the oldest coins?

My newest podcast (radio show you can listen to on your computer anytime) tackles these questions.

Astute listeners may think this show sounds a bit familiar, and they're right. I took an earlier program (#008) and split it in two, updating, streamlining, and re-recording each half as a new show. I left the first half where it was, and posted the second half as my latest show. So you should listen to #008 before you listen to this new one (#049) to get the full story.

The shows reside at . Enjoy!

---Dan Hughes,
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Secrets of Hunting Older Yards
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