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 Bluenoser still on "O" Mode

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Bluenoser still on "O" Mode   Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:51 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....Got up with the crows this morning and drove Marie to work with a very quick stop at Tim's along the way. Once home I said the halibut with housework and a shave . Grabbed my gear and headed to the soccer field that has been producing all the rings. Navy Davy was under the weather with a 24 hour bug (why don't they call it a day bug) so I was solo. Was in a weird mood. Wanted to swing and walk but really didn't want any targets. Mom was on my mind. Anyway after five coins the field once again gave up a goodie!

Nice little 925er. Then disaster struck as a wire in the old Garret gave way ending my session.

Since it was still early I drove back home and picked up another of my Freedom 3s that suffers from a lack of volume (audio amplifier...sending it and another 3 to East Texas after Xmas). Called Navy Davy and told him of my plight and we agreed to meet at the field . He was feeling better but me son no way could that bouy look any better!

A steady rain/snow began to fall as we swung away on the field. Had to really concentrate on the low sounds the Garrett was making but bagged a dozen more coins before we called it quits for the day.

ND scoffed a weird one...50 cent New Zealand coin plus 31 coins @ $4.72

ND and I got to get together on the photos he sends as I can't enlarge them.
I manged my 4th ring of my last four outings at this location, a junk ring, earring , dewy with a kangaroo on it and 47 coins @ $6.18 added to the "Back to the UK Fund."

Called ND after coming home from the hospital (sisters Cheryl and Cassy flew in from Ontario and no change in mom) and he had the Garrett repaired yet again. Man if I was Brad at Garrett I'd be worrying about losing my job to ND!

Speaking of Garrett this bouy would gladly pay $250 USA plus $25 for shipping to anyone with a good working Freedom 3 Plus for sale!
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Bluenoser still on "O" Mode
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