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 Detecting area started crying!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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leslie(nova scotia)

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Detecting area started crying! Empty
PostSubject: Detecting area started crying!   Detecting area started crying! I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2010 10:57 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....Hurricans Mary Rose and Elise had hit my household as French Dave and his entourage paid an expected visit. Sure was nice to have two cute little gippers around.................the energy level was off the charts. Off course the main topic of conversation was metal detecting with French Dave putting on a happy face as I gave him 3 French silver coins from the mid 1800's. After a nice visit they left as did I hoping to catch a bit of the shoreline at low tide and leaving Marie to clean up the aftermath of the "hurricanes."

My face dropped as I hit the park for the tide was full. Putting on my thinking hat (a tad over sized for this bouy) I began to rack my brain for a spot when I heard a yell of a rug rat in the tot lot. Bingo! So after a few moments when the children left and the only sound was the waves and seagulls I hit the pebbled play area which was not frozen and began to harvest a few pennies while doing the drunken sailor grid.

Cleaned out that area and headed to Tim's for a double milk then attacked another pebbled playground with limited success. Pointed Otto who is barely recognizable under all the salt homeward bopping to Pavarotti.

Take for the day was 18 coins at 31 cents...hardly the Mother Lode!
Detecting area started crying! P7180001

Little did I know that I was about to get a phone call that would without be the most "bizarre" detecting thingie this bouy had ever done!

I picked up the phone on the second ring only to hear French Dave ask me if I had a detector working to which I replied that I have 3 Freedom 3 Pluses up and running. He said he would be right over and arrived in 5.

"Guddum" he stated
"What's the problem Dave" I retorted?
"I dink Elise swallowed a quarter or some foil."
"I'll get the detector"
French Dave laid his 2 year old on the floor and I fired up the Garrett which gave 3 blips which indicated that the batteries were good and began to scan over the prone Elise who was looking at me with her big brown eyes in awe. As I passed the coil over her belly the machine emitted that sweet bell heart sank...........Elise started crying.........French Dave gave that...........French Dave look. Made another sweep to make sure receiving the same bell tone.

At this time I asked French Dave if he had checked his daughter's pockets.................yielded a dime so I swung the coil over her again this time with no sound from my machine. Lord love a duck thank goodness and FD and crew once again took to the road back to Chetticamp!

Later that evening Marie who spoils me rotten gave me a real treat that she had been hiding away for a special occasion!
Detecting area started crying! P7180007-1
The HMCS Sackville which served in WW11 and now has a permanent home on the waterfront at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Fitting coin as both my father and step father served in the Canadian Navy
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Detecting area started crying!
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