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 4 large coppers with my brand new machine

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leslie(nova scotia)
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leslie(nova scotia)

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4 large coppers with my brand new machine Empty
PostSubject: 4 large coppers with my brand new machine   4 large coppers with my brand new machine I_icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 5:14 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....Marie saw my pain! She saw the pain I was suffering from my wave lash! She saw the pain in my face when I told her I would be the I/C at work at least for another month. She heard the pain in my voice when I explained the deficiencies of the new to me Freedom 3 Plus that I just brought.

I was totally stunned (more so than normally) when she said she would buy me a new machine for my upcoming birthday. The shock wore off when I tried to figure what machine to buy. In my last post I asked for input on whether the AT Pro or Omega would be a good choice even though I'd stated on a few forums that I have read a lot of negative feedback on the Pro's love of iron. Bouyz on the various forums helped and pointed all the positive things on the AT Pro.

Yesterday phoned my bud Slickpick Rick and asked if he had a Pro in stock................Yes! I was on my way with a topped up wallet courtesy of my Hunny Bunny and a topped up Otto courtesy of Mr. Petro Canada.

Arriving at Slickpick Rick's I was greeted by a barge of very sad sounding "woofs" with Oozy greeting me by sticking his butt my way for the mandatory rub! Also got to meet Army Ron a friend of SPR. The machine was put together and away the three of us went.

Hit a few spots then Slickpick Rick took us to a freshly plowed fields that instantly caused flashbacks of field hunting in the UK.
4 large coppers with my brand new machine P5140009
Didn't have a clue how to operate the AT Pro International so I got SPR to turn it on for me and I figured that the zero mode dewie was fur dis bouy as I run everything on that setting.

Had to keep looking over me shoulder as I didn't want this creature carrying me away!
4 large coppers with my brand new machine P5140008
Army Ron struck first with a button soon followed by SPR who then scoffed a large copper.
4 large coppers with my brand new machine P5140011
I totally ignored the screen and went by sound as SPR informed me that the famous Garrett bell tone was still Incorporated into their newer machines. First bell tone....large cent, then another and then on the third looked at the screen and it was up in the high sixties. The button came in belltone 50-52 and the buckle the same.

Here are my finds from the first outing with the Pro minus two coppers and a button which are somewhere in my finds bucket. Army Ron and SPR both scoffed a few coins and buttons.
4 large coppers with my brand new machine P5150014
Found the Pro to be a solid machine, quiet and a tad front end heavy. Looking forward to reading the manual.

With my shoulder feeling like a pin cushion I took the day off detecting and took Marie on a drive and tea to Mahone Bay. As you can see the bad weather and rain still continues here and i feel lucky to have gotten out on Saturday wid da bouys.
4 large coppers with my brand new machine P5150012
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4 large coppers with my brand new machine
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